SCAM ALERT: Suspicious Phone Calls

Sheriff Craig Webre wants to alert citizens about scams involving suspicious phone calls residents have been receiving lately. Several residents have reported receiving phone calls from false vendors asking for personal information such as Social Security number, date of birth, address, maiden name, etc.

One example involves a phone call an 82-year-old Raceland woman received on September 14, 2011. The woman stated she received a phone call from a male with what seemed to be an Hispanic accent. The male suspect told the woman that she qualified for a new type of Medicare card. After being told to gather her personal and bank information, the call was then transferred to another Hispanic-sounding male. This individual stated that they needed her bank account information and social security number and she would receive a new Medicare card with better benefits.

Sheriff Webre advises residents NEVER to provide personal information when the call is initiated by the company/vendor. If the resident does not initiate contact for such a call, it is probably a scam. If the call is believed to be legitimate, the Sheriff advises residents to hang up and attempt to verify the company contacting you prior to giving any personal information. A legitimate company will always allow someone to call them back after verifying information.

Sheriff Webre cautions residents with the old adage: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” He adds that there is no reason to believe that the “free offers” or “prizes” are legitimate. Any resident that receives such a phone call described herein is encouraged to contact the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office immediately. Our office can be reached by calling 446-2255 in Thibodaux, 532-2255 in Central Lafourche, 798-2255 in South Lafourche, and in Bayou Blue/Houma, dial 868-2255. Just remember to dial your prefix and then add “CALL” (2255).

SCAM ALERT: Suspicious Phone Calls

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