Three Inmates Charged in Fire Incident inside Jail

Sheriff Craig Webre announced three inmates have been charged after setting a fire inside the Lafourche Parish Detention Center over the weekend. Inmates Willie Azema III (age 20), Javis Caldwell (age 25), and Myles Scioneaux (age 29) were each charged for their respective involvements in the incident.

Just before 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 19, inmates on one of the cell blocks at the Detention Center began causing a disturbance. Patrol deputies, as well as officers from the Thibodaux Police Department responded to assist. During the ongoing disturbance, Inmate Scioneaux utilized a wet paper towel on a power outlet, causing a breaker to trip. This action caused the lights to turn off throughout the cell block, and two other inmates – Azema and Caldwell – then lit a small stack of paper on fire using a disposable lighter. The fire forced the evacuation of the inmates into the yard the Detention Center. After the fire and smoke were cleared, the inmates were returned to their cells. There were no injuries during the incident.

Inmates Azema and Caldwell are charged with Aggravated Arson in the incident, and Inmate Scioneaux is charged with Principal to Aggravated Arson. Each inmate’s bond increased by $20,000 for each respective charge. Inmate Azema is now being held in lieu of $103,300 bond, Inmate Caldwell is being held on $122,500 bond, and Inmate Scioneaux’s bond increased to $56,000.

Three Inmates Charged in Fire Incident inside Jail

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