Captain Todd Charlet, Commander
Lieutenant Aaron Arabie, Deputy Commander

are called out to investigate major crimes that are reported to the Sheriff's Office. They are specially trained to conduct initial and follow-up investigations, and have the knowledge, skills, training and experience to process crime scenes, collect and preserve evidence of a crime, and prepare cases for court. To contact a detective, please call (985) 532-4326.

Juvenile Detectives are specially trained in the investigation of crimes which are committed by or against juveniles. It is their responsibility to conduct initial, primary, and follow-up investigations on both misdemeanor and felony investigations. To contact a juvenile detective, please call (985) 532-4326.

Narcotics Agents investigate all narcotics-related violations. Agents are trained in case management, undercover, informant control, surveillance, and other related investigative techniques. Our agents are part of a the collective Lafourche Parish Drug Task Force, which includes agents from other law enforcement agencies throughout the parish. To contact a narcotics agent, please call (985) 532-4362.

The Crime Analysis Section collects and analyzes raw data from police reports in order to identify areas of the parish which may need special patrols or may benefit from crime-prevention techniques. The data is also used to help forecast crimes, as well as for for neighborhood watch programs and other applications. To contact this section, please call (985) 532-4326.

The Evidence Section catalogs and stores evidence of crimes for safekeeping and court proceedings. To contact our evidence section, please call (985) 532-4341.