Training Academy FAQ

Who should attend the Lafourche Sheriff's Regional P.O.S.T. Academy?
Under present law, every “peace officer,” is required to successfully pass the minimum training requirements established by the P.O.S.T. Council within one year of employment. Furthermore, any full-time, P.O.S.T.-certified peace officer hired before January 1, 1986, and who has an “interruption of service” (employed in a non-public law enforcement capacity) in excess of five years, is required to attend a full 360-hour basic training course at an accredited Training Academy. Eligibility questions should be directed to the P.O.S.T. Council staff.

What are the requirements to enter the Academy?
To enter the Academy, you must be a commissioned Peace Officer working full-time or a commissioned reserve officer sponsored by the agency head of the agency you are affiliated with.

How much does it cost to attend the Academy?
The cost for attending the Academy is $750.00 for the full session, $200.00 for attendance as a Refresher and $300 as a Transition. 

Can I enroll in the academy without being sponsored by an agency and pay my own way?
No. You must be sponsored by an agency and payment must be made through that agency, not the individual peace officer.

Are night classes available?
Yes. The Sheriff’s Office hosts two Night Academies each year. The first, beginning in January and the other beginning in July.

Do I have to supply my own ammunition?
Yes. 750 rounds is needed for Firearms Training. LPSO can provide ammo and invoice the respective agency if needed (based on availability).

Do I need a high school diploma or G.E.D. to attend the Academy?
No. The only requirement is that you are employed by a law enforcement agency.

What are the physical requirements?
In participating in the physical fitness program, you are NOT required to meet pass/fail standards for the Academy, but the P.O.S.T. Council mandates that you MUST participate in all phases of the physical fitness program. A grade will be given for physical training which will be tallied as a test score to average together with other scores. Prior to the start of the academy; each applicant should be able to do push-ups, sit-ups and run 300 meters.

Is a medical physical required to attend the academy?
Yes. Along with your application to the academy, your sponsoring agency must also submit a physical conducted within the last six months.

Do you require payment prior to attending the Academy?
No. The sponsoring agency will receive an invoice from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office within the first two weeks of the academy.

What time do classes begin?
Cadets will meet for roll call 15 minutes prior to the start of classes each day for inspection. Academic classes began at 8:00 A.M. for the Day Academy classes and at 6 p.m. for the Night Academy classes.

How do I enroll in the academy?
Download and complete the application and fax it to the attention of Deputy Angela Barbera at (985) 449-4488. You can also scan and email a copy to Deputy Barbera at

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