Raceland Couple Arrested for Attempted Murder after Feud with Another Couple Ends in Shooting

Lyons Triplett Shooting

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre reported the arrest of a Raceland couple for Attempted Second Degree Murder. Jeremiah K. Lyons (B/M, D.O.B. 11/06/85) and his wife Felissa Triplett (B/F, D.O.B. 01/05/82), both of 3722 Highway 1, Lot 2 in Raceland, were arrested Wednesday evening after an incident where Triplett handed Lyons a shotgun, and he shot another man. Lyons and the shooting victim had been arguing leading up to the shooting, part of a feud that Lyons says has been ongoing for many years.

Deputies were dispatched to the area near Lyons’ and Triplett’s residence after the couple had flagged down and made contact with a Louisiana State Trooper who was nearby. They told the State Trooper they had just shot at a burglar that was trying to enter their residence. While speaking to the State Trooper, the couple spotted the man they shot in a vehicle heading south on LA-1. The State Trooper followed the vehicle until reaching Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital in Raceland. The shooting victim was initially treated for his wounds there and gave a statement to detectives before being transported to Charity Hospital in New Orleans due to the severity of his injuries. He is currently in stable condition.

Upon arrival to the scene, deputies encountered several people including Lyons and Triplett. In a statement to detectives on scene, Lyons admitted to shooting the victim. He said they had been feuding for many years and that there was altercation earlier that evening when the man (shooting victim) arrived at his home. Deputies then transported all parties present to the Criminal Operations Center in Lockport for questioning.

Through investigation, detectives determined that the shooting victim and another woman drove up to Lyons’ and Triplett’s residence Wednesday evening. The woman reportedly began walking away as an argument ensued between the man and Lyons. Triplett then allegedly emerged from the residence with a shotgun and handed it to Lyons who then shot at the man. The man was attempting to re-enter his vehicle at the time and was partially shielded by the vehicle’s door, but he suffered wounds to left foot and left upper arm before entering his vehicle and driving away. Following the shooting, Triplett then reportedly attacked the other woman, throwing her to the ground several times before Lyons was able to restrain her. Everyone then entered their respective vehicles and fled the scene. Lyons and Triplett noticed the State Trooper nearby and made contact. Detectives recovered the weapon believed to have been used in the shooting at the scene.

Lyons and Triplett were both charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder, and Triplett was also charged with Simple Battery due to the altercation with the other women. They were transported to the Lafourche Parish Detention Center in Thibodaux where Lyons remains in lieu of $250,000.00 bond. Triplett was released Thursday on $100,100.00 bond.

Raceland Couple Arrested for Attempted Murder after Feud with Another Couple Ends in Shooting