District Attorney & Sheriff Conduct Child Support Roundup


Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre and District Attorney Cam Morvant were on hand Wednesday morning in Thibodaux as members of four agencies fanned out across the area for a roundup of “deadbeat” parents who are behind in their child support payments. Arrest warrants were prepared on 72 individuals who are collectively in arrears of their child support payments of over $500,000.00. Of the total, 46 were for individuals living in Lafourche Parish, while the other 26 were for individuals living in neighboring parishes.

“We have zero tolerance for individuals who do not pay child support,” said District Attorney Cam Morvant. “If you are not going to pay child support, you belong in jail.” Morvant added that based on prior experience, he believes many of the individuals that were not apprehended as part of this morning’s roundup will turn themselves in over the next few days.

Deputies made 14 arrests as part of this effort, and officials say they expect more arrests to be made in the coming days. The combined child support payments owed by the 14 arrested individuals amounts to over $200,000.00. The following individuals were arrested as part of the roundup:

• Gerald Smith – B/M, DOB 02/21/80, 128 St. Charles Bypass Road, Thibodaux
• Jared Falgout – W/M, DOB 11/29/81, 290 Catherine Street, Lockport
• Carl Miller – W/M, 08/21/69, 134 Dupre Street (Lot 2), Gray
• Wayne Cheramie – W/M, DOB 11/08/70, 194 E. 85th Street, Cut Off
• Keith Major – B/M, DOB 08/22/71, 222 Williams Street, Raceland
• Marvin Terrebonne – W/M, DOB 09/01/81, 130 Hazel Drive, Lockport
• Breiun Folse – B/M, DOB 01/14/81, 404 E. Lafourche Street, Lockport
• Steve Dupre – W/M, DOB 05/25/68, 103 Silver Street, Gray
• Ryan Trahan – W/M, 01/22/67, 118 Marcel Lane, Gray
• Tommy Jones – B/M, DOB 08/19/58, 4954 N. Bayou Black Drive, Gibson
• Troy Joseph – B/M, DOB 12/19/75, 210 Johnson Ridge, Thibodaux
• Benjamin Chiasson – W/M, DOB 10/21/80, 414 Lafourche Street, Lockport
• Curtis Raymond – B/M, DOB 07/14/85, 229 Williams Street, Raceland
• Jeffery Gales – B/M, DOB 04/27/64, 648 Danos Street, Raceland

“This morning’s operation represents the culmination of several months of work in obtaining arrest warrants on these individuals,” said Sheriff Craig Webre. “I’m very proud of the work that is done for this annual effort, and I also think it sends the message to the people who might be considering not paying their child support, that we will find you, and you’ll have to pay.”

Wednesday’s roundup combined the efforts of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office, Lafourche Parish District Attorney’s Office, Thibodaux Police Department, Lockport Police Department, and the Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole.

District Attorney & Sheriff Conduct Child Support Roundup