Narcotics Agents Arrest Crack Cocaine Dealer in Thibodaux

Ronald Reed

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre reported the arrest of a Thibodaux man wanted for the distribution of crack cocaine. Ronald P. Reed Jr. (B/M, D.O.B. 07/17/87) of 1511 Bell Street is facing charges of drug distribution and possession following his arrest Thursday evening by agents of the Lafourche Parish Drug Task Force (LPDTF).

On Thursday, March 22, members of the LPDTF, including agents from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office and Thibodaux Police Department, were located at a Thibodaux truck stop after learning Reed might be in the area. Agents had an active warrant for $75,000.00 for Reed’s arrest for Distribution of Crack Cocaine. Shortly after 7:00 P.M., Reed arrived at the location and drove into the parking lot. A Thibodaux Police K-9 Officer working in conjunction with the LPDTF activated his emergency lights in an attempt to stop Reed’s vehicle. Reed pulled into a parking spot near the agents’ location and proceeded to place his hands into his pants pockets. Agents ordered Reed out of the vehicle and arrested him on the warrant. During a pat down, a clear plastic bag of suspected cocaine fell from Reed’s pants. During a subsequent field test conducted at the scene, the substance tested positive for the presence of cocaine. The total weight of the bag of suspected cocaine was 13 gross grams.

Reed was transported to the Lafourche Parish Detention Center for booking. He is charged with Distribution of Crack Cocaine as per the warrant, and he is also charged with Possession of Cocaine due to the bag found during his arrest. He is being held in lieu of $80,000.00 bond as set by the warrant ($75,000.00) and by Judge Ashly Bruce Simpson for the additional possession charge ($5,000.00).

Reed has been arrested 15 times in the last four years on various charges including Distribution of a Schedule IV Controlled Dangerous Substance, Domestic Abuse Battery, Simple Battery, Forgery, Resisting an Officer, and Flight from an Officer. His criminal history also includes three prison stays.

Narcotics Agents Arrest Crack Cocaine Dealer in Thibodaux