Sheriff Webre Unveils Vehicle Outfitted for Deployment in Crime Scene Investigations

CrimeSceneUnitBeforeAfterLafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre unveiled the LPSO Crime Scene Unit Thursday evening at the Michael L. Oncale Central Fire Station in Thibodaux. The Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department donated the decommissioned rescue unit to the Sheriff’s Office in November 2011 after replacing it with a newer model. The unit was donated for the purpose of being outfitted and used as a crime scene processing unit during major investigations. The newly outfitted unit was unveiled at the fire station prior to the fire department’s board meeting Thursday evening.

“This is a shining example of what is possible when agencies support one another,” said Sheriff Webre. “This Crime Scene Unit will help us solve more crimes through the use of new technology and the convenience of having a supply of investigative tools organized in a single unit. With regard to investigations, this gives us capability well beyond anything we’ve had in the last 20 years.”

The LPSO Crime Scene Unit will be deployed to major crime scenes throughout the parish allowing investigators at the scene to be completely self-sufficient. While a majority of the tools available on the unit are already commonly used by detectives, the unit combines these tools into one, convenient unit and will also feature a few new tools as well.

The most significant new tool outfitted on the Crime Scene Unit is a forensic alternate light source acquired by the Sheriff’s Office through a grant from the Violence Against Women Act administered by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement. This tool will be especially useful in cases of sexual assault. It will help crime scene investigators by enhancing the collection of bodily fluids, hairs, fibers, latent fingerprints, shoe prints and foot imprints. It can also help analyze gunshot residue, drug traces, and documents. Essentially, it provides more sensitivity than traditional methods, increasing the quantity and quality of evidence collected.

A small boat has also been mounted to the top of the Crime Scene Unit. This will allow detectives to quickly process crime scenes in area lakes and bayous.

Sheriff Webre Unveils Vehicle Outfitted for Deployment in Crime Scene Investigations