Two Inmates Charged after Investigators Thwart Escape Plot

Sheriff Craig Webre announced Inmates Troy Benner (age 49) and Treiston Pierron (age 32) face new charges after investigators thwarted a plan to attempt an escape from the Lafourche Parish Detention Center

Gun-like ObjectOn Tuesday, November 10, correction officers learned a handgun and a handcuff key were hidden inside a cell block at the Lafourche Parish Detention Center in Thibodaux. During a subsequent search of the block, officers discovered the handcuff key as well as an object shaped like a handgun. The object was determined to be hand-crafted to appear to be a handgun, but was composed of soap, toilet paper, and other materials, most of which are made available to inmates.

Detectives opened an investigation and learned Inmate Benner was allegedly responsible for hand-crafting the object made to give the appearance of a firearm. They also learned he had obtained the handcuff key after a correction officer unknowingly dropped it. Investigators obtained evidence of an escape plot and learned Benner allegedly intended to use the object, as well as the handcuff key, to attempt to escape from the facility. They also learned Inmate Pierron allegedly had knowledge of Benner’s activities and assisted him in planning the escape attempt.

Inmate Benner was arrested in July for Armed Robbery stemming from a February 2015 incident in Lockport. He was charged with Attempted Simple Escape in this incident, and his bond has increased to $400,000.

Inmate Pierron was arrested in August for Simple Arson stemming from a July 2015 incident, as well as numerous outstanding warrants for Contempt of Court. He is charged with Assisting Escape, and his bond has increased to $300,000.

Two Inmates Charged after Investigators Thwart Escape Plot