Sheriff Webre Offers Halloween Safety Tips and Trick-or-treating Patrol Plans

Sheriff Craig Webre announced deputies will conduct the annual Blue Light Special patrol on Halloween in order to help keep trick-or-treaters safe. More than 100 deputies will patrol the streets of Lafourche Parish neighborhoods beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31. This patrol will continue through the peak hours of trick-or-treating until at least 8:30 p.m. and will continue as deemed necessary. Deputies will patrol with emergency lights activated to remind motorists to drive slowly and exercise extreme caution as children take to the streets.

“Our deputies will patrol every neighborhood throughout the parish to ensure safety for trick-or-treaters and residents,” said Sheriff Webre. “We encourage adults to keep a close watch on children they are supervising, and report any incidents or suspicious activity to nearby patrolling deputies or by calling the Sheriff’s Office directly.”

With several Halloween-related events planned throughout Lafourche Parish over the next two weeks, Sheriff Webre offers these additional Halloween safety tips for residents:

  • Make your child’s costume distinguishable and safe. Ensure your child can easily walk in the costume and that the fabric is flame retardant. Use glow bracelets/sticks, reflective tape and flashlights. With store-bought costumes, change or add something to make your child distinguishable from others.
  • Maintain proper supervision for your children. We strongly urge parents to supervise their own children. If you must entrust your child to another adult, obtain up-to-date contact information. If they are headed out with a group, make sure there is a buddy system in place.
  • Stay off your smartphone. Adults should be ever-vigilant while supervising children, and no one should be walking along the roadside while looking down or distracted.
  • Inspect all treats collected. Discard anything that is not sealed, has torn packaging, looks questionable, or may be a choking hazard.
  • Talk to your children about safety. Remind them to walk (don’t run) on sidewalks or near the edge of the roadway – never in the center and always facing traffic. Remind them to stay in front of residences giving out candy and NEVER enter a residence. Have a plan for in case you and your child get separated.

Everyone should also prepare their homes for trick-or-treaters. Clear sidewalks and pathways of any obstacles, and put away anything children could trip over such as hoses, toys, or yard decorations. Turn on your lights so your property is well-lit, and replace any burnt bulbs prior to Halloween. Secure any pets so that they will not attack or frighten anyone.

Motorists are encouraged to keep travel to a minimum on Halloween night due to a high number of pedestrians on neighborhood streets. “If you must be on the road, please drive slowly and be alert for children, especially in residential areas,” said Sheriff Webre. “Eliminate all driving distractions so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings.”

For the seventh straight year, deputies will also be conducting compliance checks for sex offenders on Halloween night. Sex offenders are restricted from wearing masks or handing out candy or gifts on a holiday such as Halloween. Deputies, therefore, will visit sex offenders in Lafourche Parish to verify they are complying with the terms of their sentences.

Sheriff Webre Offers Halloween Safety Tips and Trick-or-treating Patrol Plans