Two Female Students Charged with Terrorizing at Thibodaux Schools

Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre and Lafourche Parish Schools Superintendent Dr. Jo Ann Matthews announced two juvenile female students have been charged with terrorizing on Thursday, March 1. These are the latest students charged in a series of similar incidents over the past two weeks.

One of the girls, a 14-year-old Thibodaux High School student, was charged for allegedly sending private electronic messages to another student in which the lives of faculty members were threatened. She was placed at the Lafourche Parish Juvenile Justice Facility in Thibodaux.

The second girl, a 12-year-old East Thibodaux Middle School student, allegedly threatened to stab several students and a faculty member. She was charged with Terrorizing and placed at the Juvenile Justice Facility.

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office has investigated numerous threats, rumors, and allegations which have surfaced during the past two weeks. Sheriff Craig Webre said, “Our investigators thoroughly investigated every situation, and thus far, we have yet to find any that represent an active, ongoing credible threat at any Lafourche Parish school. In the event any student is charged with a significant crime, those details will be released to the public. We will continue to work with school officials to ensure the continued safety of all students and faculty throughout the parish.”

Sheriff Webre said he understands there is fear regarding these incidents, but he reminds the community that our schools are still safe. “We need to remember these are just words and gestures,” said Sheriff Webre. “Thus far, the students and faculty have done an outstanding job of reporting everything that seems even remotely suspicious, which has helped us stay ahead of these investigations. We will continue to act swiftly and precisely in our response to any threat or allegation of suspicious behavior.”

Two Female Students Charged with Terrorizing at Thibodaux Schools