The Explorers program is designed for youth beginning with 6th grade up to 21 years of age. All youth participants must complete an application and be in good standing within their school and community. Parental permission is also required to join.

Explorer POST 323 features career-based learning offered through the Learning for Life program which is part of the Boy Scouts of America. Our purpose is to provide young adults, both male and female, with the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement, and/or the opportunity to serve the community in a positive manner. Explorer POST 323 works toward leadership, integrity, and professionalism. For more information, please contact Sergeant Danny Toups at (985) 532-4327 or email

Training Opportunities
LPSO Explorers experience training in a variety of areas. During the summer, a 40-hour Explorer Academy is offered wherein they receive training in traffic control, building searches, fingerprinting & Child I.D., vehicle stops, firearms safety, first aid & CPR, physical fitness, and community relations, just to name a few. They even receive training in hostage negotiations, crime scene investigations, and defensive tactics as well.

Community Service
Explorer POST 323 provides community service at various events year-round. Our main community service project is the Child I.D. Program. Explorers take fingerprints and DNA swabs from children and give these to child’s guardian. The Child I.D. form is filled out and stored by the guardian. In the event of an emergency, this form acts as a quick reference, assisting law enforcement to activate the Amber Alert System. It also can be useful in making positive identifications of missing children.

Explorers also assist with parking at events including fairs and festivals, large sporting events, school dances. Explorers may also ride with full-time deputies during Mardi Gras and Christmas parades.

The Explorers work towards achieving many different awards. These include awards for community service, emergency preparedness, firearms, physical fitness, law enforcement assistance and training and the coveted Explorer of the Year award. Through their volunteering and service, Explorers can also earn the reward of attending special functions such as the National Conference.