The Lafourche Parish sex offender listing and notification service is available through By signing up for this service, you will be notified of any sex offender that moves within one mile of your home.

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The legislature has found that protection of the public from sex offenders and child predators is of paramount governmental interest. One purpose for the sex offender registry is to aid local law enforcement in the protection of their communities, conduct investigations, and quickly apprehend offenders who commit sex offenses and crimes against victims who are minors. The legislature has authorized the release of necessary and relevant information to the public to further the governmental interests of public safety and public scrutiny of the criminal and mental health systems. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office is making certain information contained in the Sex Offender Registry available to the public via the Internet. Release of this information is in accordance with the Public Records Laws (R.S. 44:1 et seq. and R.S. 15:540 et seq). By submitting a search on this site, you are making a public records request. This information is being made available for public safety reasons and not to create a panic, alarm, or to punish the offender. At this time, the information contained on this site pertains only to offenders convicted after July 1, 1997. For inquiries concerning offenders convicted prior to that date, you should contact the Louisiana State Police. The information contained in the Sex offender Registry is based primarily on information provided by the offender and/or entities other than the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. Therefore, the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee the accuracy nor the completeness of the information contained on this site. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office takes measures to update the information contained in the Sex Offender Registry as received, however, the day to day accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The absence of registration information does not guarantee that a particular person is not a convicted or registered sex offender or child predator. If you believe that any of the information contained in these records is inaccurate, please call (985) 449-4490, email, or contact us by mail at P.O. Box 5608, Thibodaux, LA 70302. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office has not considered or assessed any offender’s risk of committing another offense prior to inclusion in the Sex Offender Registry. Inclusion in the Sex Offender Registry is based solely on the offender’s duty to register by virtue of his conviction for an enumerated sex offense or a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor as outlined in R.S. 15:541-542. Positive identification of a person believed to be a registered sex offender or child predator cannot be established except by fingerprints. Use of the information in the Registry to commit a criminal act may subject the user to criminal prosecution and penalties and may further hamper the purpose of the Registry and this site. For more information on the registration of sex offenders go to the Louisiana State Police’s State Sex Offender & Child Predator Registry.