Since assuming the office, Sheriff Craig Webre has honored employees and civilians for commendable work, distinguished service, and saving lives through the Lafourche Pride Awards. The Lafourche Deputies Association sponsors and organizes the annual program through the financial support of its members who are employees of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office. Anyone can nominate any person – employee or civilian – for an award. An award committee reviews all nominations and submits recommendations to Sheriff Webre for final approval of award selections.

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Here is a complete list of award types an individual may receive and for which someone may be nominated:

  • Medal of Honor – This is the highest award at LPSO. It is presented for exceptional service, which is considered extremely hazardous, above and beyond the call of duty with the possibility of loss of life. It is also presented to any deputy who has lost his/her life in the performance of their duties. 
  • Sheriff’s Star – One recipient is selected annually by Sheriff Craig Webre. (See notes and photo gallery below.)
  • Medal of Valor – A deputy may be considered for this award by performing a brave attempt to rescue someone from suffering severe bodily harm or the loss of life. A citizen may receive this award if they have endangered their life while assisting a law enforcement deputy or in apprehending a dangerous criminal and/or in attempting a dangerous rescue. 
  • Lifesaving Award – This award is presented to a deputy or civilian for an act that saves or prolongs someone’s life beyond reasonable expectations. 
  • Purple Heart – This award is presented to any LPSO deputy who is wounded in the line of duty or while acting in the best interest of the agency while off duty. 
  • Distinguished Service Award – This is awarded to an employee who, while rendering services beyond the regular course of duty, prevents or solves a major crime, apprehends a dangerous criminal, exemplifies dedication towards service to the public and the Sheriff’s Office, and/or any other act of service approved by the Awards Board.  
  • Certificate of Commendation – This award may be given to any LPSO employee performing outstanding duties not included in the previous awards.  A citizen may receive this award for assisting a deputy or any other act deemed as assistance to law enforcement. 
  • Unit Commendation – A Unit Commendation may be awarded to a division, group, or organization within the Sheriff’s Office for outstanding work.
  • Humanitarian Award – This award may be presented to community businesses and residents for their action and responses to the needs of the LPSO and the community during unusual circumstances. 

Sheriff Craig Webre presents the “Sheriff’s Star” award annually to an employee who truly embodies LPSO’s motto of doing “Whatever it takes to properly serve the public.” Here are the past recipients of the award: