Police Social Services

Lieutenant Valerie Martinez, Supervisor

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office Police Social Services (PSS) Section is a victim services program like no other in the state of Louisiana which provides comprehensive services to crime victims as well as the elderly community. Founded in 1997, this unique program differs from most Victim Assistance programs in that crisis services are initiated immediately, on-scene for the victim when the victimization occurs and continues throughout the entire criminal justice process for as long as the victim requires help.

PSS has partnered with other social agencies to ensure that the needs of all victims are met. The list of available services is extensive: crisis/trauma counseling, emergency financial aid, transportation, accompaniment to court, accompaniment to a hospital, shelter or safe house, personal advocacy during a criminal investigation and trial, assistance with protective orders and various legal matters, victim and death notification, child care during court, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, and much more.

Additionally, PSS offers the following programs/services for crime victims:

Eldery Services
Deputies of the Police Social Services Section hold a special place in their hearts for members of our senior community in Lafourche Parish. Deputies often stop by Senior Centers and nursing homes throughout the parish to visit with the elderly and ensure their needs are being met. We also offer a daily telephone call service to check on the well-being of seniors or adults with disabilities, called the "Are You OK?" Program. Click here to find out more, or call (985) 449-4476.

Supervised Child Visitation & Monitored Child Exchange
The P.A.C.T. Place in Lockport provides supervised visitation and monitored child exchange services. Click here to visit The P.A.C.T. Place online.

Neighborhood Watch Programs
Neighborhood Watch Programs organize neighborhood residents to teach and promote crime-prevention techniques. Together, residents can watch out for one another and eliminate opportunities for crimes. To start a Neighborhood Watch, form a small committe to discuss the needs, interests and concerns of your neighborhood, and identify possible dates/times/locations for the initial meeting. Then, contact PSS at (985) 449-4476 to confirm a meeting date, and then spread the word to neighbors. A Deputy will attend the meeting to help assess the needs of the community. For more information please visit the official website of the National Neighborhood Watch Program.

Officer Training
Another important aspect of the PSS program is the provision of law enforcement training. Extensive training programs provided by PSS in the areas of death notification, victim rights, domestic violence, sexual assaults, and victims with disabilities have influenced attitudes, policies, and direct service provisions in these important areas. In one year alone, PSS trained over 350 law enforcement officers throughout the state of Louisiana. PSS has also made presentations at two National Sheriff's Association conferences to educate other sheriffs on implementing a Police Social Services Section in their own agencies.

Program Recognition
Our Police Social Services Section has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime for dedication and hard work on behalf of America’s crime victims and was the recipient of the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office Award for Program of Excellence. It is the gratitude received from the thousands of victims served by this program, however, that drives the PSS Section in its pursuit of victim assistance excellence.