Support Services

The Support Services Division oversees Communications (dispatch) and School Services, including School Resource Officers, PASS officers and DARE officers. The Water Patrol section is responsible for search and rescue marine operations for stranded or missing boaters, as well as enforcing boating safety and some wildlife and fisheries violations. Animal Control officers respond to animal complaints with a goal to humanely capture stray animals or any observed to be a threat to residents. Housing and Urban Development Services personnel handle security for H.U.D. in the form of Calls for Service, as well as delivering eviction notices and conducting background checks on applicants.

D.A.R.E. Program

Fleet Management & Body Shop

The Fleet Management Section maintains the massive fleet of vehicles owned and operated by the Sheriff’s Office and its employees. This section employs inmate labor to assist mechanics in performing routine maintenance such as oil changes and alignments, as well as engine repairs and maintenance. The Fleet Auto Body Services Section is responsible for collision repairs and body maintenance of the fleet. Everything from broken door handles to damages from major collision are repaired by this section. The body shop also fabricates and installs the decals for the entire fleet.